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Painful Windows 2003 install...

Yesterday, I was tangled up in what has to be my worst Windows install ever.  I’ve been wanting to put Windows 2003 on my desktop for a while, since I’ve been doing more with multiple websites lately, and it is a pain to have to start/stop them multiple times during the day.  I had found one solution that allowed multiple ones at the same time with a special extension, but its configuration seemed less pretty.

To make a long story short, it took me 8 hours just to get the system to boot the installation.  The installation went fine, the first boot sucked.  Since my PC has SATA and no floppy, I had to create a custom install CD with the drivers.  No problem, done it before plenty of times.  So did it, and then installed fine, but would just infinitely reboot when the “starting 2k3” screen came up.  After many reinstalls, repairs, reburned CDs, finally tracked it down to the fact that the installer wasn’t copying the INF file for the drive to the Windows\INF folder.  Copied it, yay.  Eight hours lost from one file.

Now tonight I am dog tired.  Mind you, I started the install last night at ~7:30pm.  Didn’t get it to boot until shortly after 3am.  Bed at 4:30am.  Up for work/go back to installing at 8:30am.  Yeah, I am going to bed early for once… damn, actually it isn’t, its 2am?  WTF!

Side note/question:  Is Visual Studio 2005 going to come on DVD by default?  I know beta1 did (though I got the CDs since I was downloading it from MSDN subscription)… but man do I hate installing Visual Studio 2003.  Six CDs and it takes so long.

Friday, February 04, 2005

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