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Distributed workplaces and dependency on internet technologies

It became apparent to me today just how dependent people can get on technology in a work environment, and how difficult it can be to function when you are without it.  Today, I was unable to connect to MSN Message from about 10am to 3:30pm PST.  In an environment where your coworkers and clients are spread throughout the country, and IM is how 90% of your interactions occur, this kind of downtime can be detrimental.

During those 5 hours, it was almost as though I was lost.  Couldn’t see if someone was online and ask them “did we fix this” or “any ideas on how to do that”?  This morning we had a meeting with a client and the first thing that came up was “has MSN Messanger been down for you?”

It gets interesting when business is conducted and dependent upon technology and services that are basically free.  You don’t pay for it, you don’t have any uptime guaruntee, and there is nobody you can call and *** at when it goes down.

I think over time, as business gets more dependent on things like instant messaging, you’ll start seeing commerial messaging services which guaruntee uptime and availability.

I thought I had more to write, but was writing this over the span of like an hour when doing other things.  Doh.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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