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ReSharper v1.5

When the heck did ReSharper v1.5 come out?  I was just lazily browsing their website and noticed that they had a v1.5.  I just reinstalled my OS a few weeks ago, but a quick look and I still had v1.0.  Doh!  Anyway, got it setup and did some settings tweaking that I’d been meaning to do.  Yet to do any coding with it, but sure it a nice improvement over v1.0.

I’ve come to love ReSharper and wonder how I did things before it.  Last week, I’d done some work in Visual Studio 2005 B1 and so missing it.  Just for the simple stuff like automatically adding using directives.  Can’t live without it.  VS 2005’s IntelliSense is much better than 2003, by default.  And it does something that I wish ReSharper did (showing all your variable names and such just on a plain line), but I still need it.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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