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nGallery to CS::Gallery conversion tool released!

To download the tool, you can get it from:

Simply download the tool and extract it.  To run it, use the GalleryConverter.exe.  The source is also included with the tool.

Use the following steps below to use the converter:

  1. Edit the GalleryConverter.exe.config and set the SiteSqlServer and SiteSqlServerOwner settings.  This file is actually exactly the same as the web.config that ships with CS.  The converter uses the regular CS data providers, so it needs the connection string in relatively the same place.
  2. Run it.  It will connect, get a list of your Application Names.  Select one, and then log into the site.
  3. You must have your entire nGallery application local to your computer (or run the program on your server).  If you are using a web host, you’ll need to download your site.
  4. Select which gallery you want to import your nGallery data into.
  5. Select the location of your nGallery installation.
  6. If you want to use file system storage, click the checkbox and chose the location to store your pictures.  Normally, this would be the web/photos/storage location, or whatever you picked in your communityserver.config.
  7. Click “Go!”
  8. If you are using a webhost, you can easily use the tool so long as you can connect directly to your SQL Server over the internet.  Also, if you want to use file system storage, simply select a folder on your computer and then FTP it up to your webhost after doing the conversion.

    For more discussion on using the conversion tool, please see

Thursday, March 03, 2005

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