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Draco.NET + Vault = Heaven

Recently, I’d setup SourceGear Vault on my server and checked my websites, and, into it to make it easier to manage versions of it and keep me in sync between my desktop and my laptop.

Then tonight, I finally got around to setting up Draco.NET on the server.  So now, updating my website is a breeze!  Simple make the changes on my local setup, test it all out, check it into Vault, and in a few minutes, Draco picks it up, builds it, and, if successful, copies it over to my live site.  Talk about a piece of cake!

Also, if you are wondering why I am posting so much tonight (or at least the past 2–3 posts), I’ve been working on fixing an issue with RSS feeds in CS, where readers are not always getting new posts.  I think I got it solved.  This post will do it.  Made a post to a site using the shipped build, and then my site using the fix.  If after 10–15 mins, Newsgator gets a new post from one but not the other, I’ll consider it fixed.

Friday, March 04, 2005

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