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Crossfader launched!

Today is the official launch of a new online DJ community: Crossfader

Crossfader is an online community for the global electronic artist.  We are building this tool to help you connect with people who share your love for creation, great music, technology and modern culture.

This is one of the first sites to be launched with Community Server being highly customized.  It has been one of my projects at Telligent for the past couple of months and has been a great experience in terms of doing new things and finding many new things to add/improve within Community Server.

Developing Crossfader led to a number of enhancements and fixes that made their way into the v1.0 release of Community Server, and in the future will lead to many more.  Mostly in terms of easily being able to extend and customize the beavior of the stock controls and components.

One of the obvious customizations on the site is the custom skinning, but that is only scratching the surface.  We’ve setup the blogs to be used as a content management system for the articles, using custom URL providers for generating different links in the blogs and forums, have two areas pulling in separate lists of forums, and much much more.  We’re also working on a calendaring system to be built into the site allowing users to have their own personal calendar, as well as a community calendar that users can make submissions to.

Crossfader is a great example of easy with which you can rework the core components of Community Server to do many different things, without a great deal of effort.  If you are in the DJ community, I definitely recommend you check it out.  They have some great things planned and a lot of effort has gone into making the site outstanding.  And if you aren’t into DJing, I still recommend you check it out so you can see the types of things that can be done with CS and get a glimpse of some of things that might make their way into CS itself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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