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ObfuscateEmails Module for CS v1.1

Spending my holiday weekend trying to catch up on some little side projects I've been wanting to do.  There was some discussion in another thread the other day (can't find the thread right now, but there was one) about a way to prevent spam bots from getting email addresses out of messages.
Then I found a nifty little free control from Advanced Intellect called EmailSpoofer.NET.  So I wrote a little CSModule to wrap around it and allow email ofbuscation in posts.
It only works by encoding the email addresses using &#123; style html encoding.  I tried doing the JavaScript, but EmailSpoofer.NET spits out an entire <A HREF=""> tag for the email address, while I just wanted the plain text address itself.  I couldn't get it to strip it right using the JavaScript, but will continue to try.
You can get the module at:

Saturday, May 28, 2005

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