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One thing I always hate on a personal website is doing the about page.  It is always that forgotten section that you never know what to put on it, and it eventually falls out of date.

Specifically, I hate putting my age on there.  I don’t care about telling people my age (I am 24, by the way), but I never update it.  My birthday was 2 months ago, and yet I got to updating it rather early this time.  Normally, it’ll be as long as 6 months behind.

So, I took a better step at ensuring it is more accurrate.  Changed the page to use this to show my age:

<%=new DateTime(DateTime.Today.Subtract( new DateTime(1981, 4, 10) ).Ticks).Year-1 %>

It will work ok, but it is kind of ugly.  For one, TimeSpan doesn’t have a Year parameter (and I can see why, as months have a different number of days, and years have different numbers of days [leap year]).  This will work ok, but it can have a margin of error… mainly just updating to the next value a few days early or a few days late.

Friday, June 03, 2005

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