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Two weekends ago, I made the fatal mistake of going out and getting Star Wars Galaxies.  I'd heard good things about it, and I liked some of the past Star Wars games (though I mainly played the first-person shooters), and it was relatively cheap ($30 for the game and 2 expansions, while most other games are like $50-55).  Plus, my main motivation was that almost all TV shows are re-runs now, so nothing else to do at night.

Now, I can safely say I am addicted.  I've never been into RPGs much (I think of the old telnet based textual RPGs), but the online multimedia ones are quite impressive.  The combat is a little weak IMHO, since I prefer more first person shooters, where you click and fire where you want.  In these, it more like click a target, click attack, and sit there and wait (simplified, but the basic jist of it).  But then I went into the space missions... and that, I love.  I've always like flight sims and such, plus in space, it is more of a first person shooter.  Even more interesting if the abilities fully customize your ship with all different components with different properties.  Amazing.

In short, I then went and created a new character, specializing in crafting (since I want to make the ships) and piloting.  The game can take a long time to progress, but it is very interesting.  As a developer, when I use different software, I often think about how I would design it or how I think it would work.  A game like this just blows my mind at the complexity.  You build stuff with resources.  Resources have all different properties.  The different properties determines the quality or extra boosts in what you build.  Then that stuff performs better when being used.  Or, that better stuff can make even better stuff that performs even better when used.

I've had to tone down some of my in-game time.  As a crafter, it takes a lot of time to build up just gathering stuff and what not.  So, I was leaving my computer on overnight to gather resources, and would have it in the background sometimes during the day.  Well, yesterday, my video card had it.  Switched over to the game yesterday and my computer locks up/reboots.  Ok... go back into it, and all the 3D objects have gaps missing in them.  Ok, computer is too hot maybe (it needed to be de-dusted), but it reboots again after a minute.  After some trial/error on the game/drivers, find out the card has been permanently damaged.  Luckily, my media center PC has the same video card, so I swapped them.  The damaged one worked fine in 2D, and the media PC never does anything 3D, so I'm good.  I am not going to be leaving my computer on in gam elike that again though.  Going to have to find another way to build up. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

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