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I am getting so sick of Comcast.  They reliability is down the tubes and I cannot stand it anymore, though there is no viable, more reliable alternative.  I've had Comcast at a number of different places over the past few years and never had as many issues as I have been experiencing the past few months.

A short while ago, over the span of about a month and a half, Comcast had 3 major outaged (a couple hours or more).  One outage lasted for over 12 hours, and the other two were within 2 days of each other!  It went down for like 6-8 hours on a Friday, and then went down again for a few hours Sunday evening.  When you work from home and everything you do is over the internet, you are severly crippled when your connection is down.  When it went down twice in one weekend, on the first occurrance, I'd finally broken down and called Comcast to try and get an estimate for when it would be fixed.  When I called, it had been down for at least 2-3 hours, but they'd said that the issue had just been reported like 45 mins earlier.  Don't they have any monitoring systems in place?  Does it really take them nearly 2 hours to find out that something went down?  That's pretty sad.  When it went down again 2 days later, I decided I'd call them like 20 mins after it went down and it was apparent it wasn't a small hiccup, and the guy didn't believe me.  He was trying to get me to troubleshoot my modem (um, yes, I tried resetting it, I know what I'm doing).  Then he wanted to schedule a truck to come out to my house.  Finally I said "look, it is not on my end.  I know my equipment, I tried doing it from here, something on your end died, and it dies frequently."  All he could say was he'd open a trouble ticket and see if someone in their chat room will get to it... lame.

But now the thing that has been annoying me lately is DNS.  From what I've seen, Comcast has never been able to keep their DNS servers working.  Before, I used to have to switch my DNS servers on average about once a month.  Change the secondary to the primary and primary to secondary.  Since moving here, this has been about 1-2 times per week.  During the past few days, I've been having to change it 3-4 times per day.  I've tried looking at my stuff to see if it is my router or modem or anything, switching equipment out with some spare stuff, but still happens.  Comcast just sucks.  And I just need to stop using their DNS.  It gets really frustrating... be cruising the net just fine when all of a sudden, stuff stops loading.  Give a few, maybe click retry in case the server was busy or something, nope.  Then I look over and MSN disconnects, but AIM is still connected (always happens when the DNS goes down, don't know why), and then Outlook disconnects.  Open up the router management page and switch the DNS, boom, everything back to normal.

I have no faith in Comcast, but the only alternative here is DSL through Frontier Communications, who I've heared doesn't have an all too impressive record either.  Where oh where is my good old SureWest fiber line?  Man do I miss that.

Friday, September 23, 2005

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