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My old roommate and the best man in my wedding used to work at this small engineering firm in Sacramento.  It was near the DMV Headquarters, so when I used to work there, I'd regularly go out to lunch with him and knew the owners of the company and all of the employees.  We used to hang out with one of his coworkers, Peyton, fairly regularly.  He'd come over to our house, gone out drinking with him, he'd crashed on our couch, etc.  He was a nice guy, though was habitually late and unreliable (hence why he was eventually fired).  He was also a little paranoid.  One of those "got to pack and head to the hills" kind of guys.  He used to ask me if I could hack the DMV and get him a new identity.  He was a little out there, but seemed harmless for the most part.

Front page of the Sacramento Bee's Metro section today: Man fatally shot at workplace.  "Juan Menendez [think Peyton was his middle name] allegedly killed  killed Ryszard Topor, 46, of Folsom in the lobby below the engineering firm where the men had worked, and walked away with a semiautomatic pistol in hand".  Apparently later that day, SWAT raided his apartment and arrested him.

A little shakening.  He didn't shoot anyone at my friend's old work, it was another place where he'd work for only a few months.  But still... he was fired from my friend's old work... he could have done that then... and it could have been my friend.  Even then, this was a guy I knew personally, I'd spent time with, and he'd crashed out on our couch numberous times.

You hear stories of people walking into their work and killing someone, and always think it they are just crazy, wacked out people.  Kind of hits home when it is someone you know.  Someone you though was pretty much harmless.

I didn't know anyone at his last job, though my prayers go out to the family.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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