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Lifetime = 20 years?

Was listening to the radio today when I went out to lunch, and heard a commercial for Harrah's and Harvey's of Lake Tahoe for some "100 thousand dollars a year for life" promotion.  Was just sitting there, semi-paying attention, when they get to the legal fast talking guy.  Then something caught my ear... they said that a "lifetime" is defined as 20 years.  What the heck?!?

I found it kind of odd, since I know my "lifetime" better not be up in 20 years... I'd only be 44.  In most likelihood, the person most likely to win it would be a senior citizen, and 20 years could cover them til the end.  Or, since you have to be 21 to enter, they figure in 20 years, they'd be 41, over the hill, and their life is "over" (just kidding).

At any rate, it made me chuckle.

Friday, November 04, 2005

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