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Desktop search recommendations?

What desktop search programs do you recommend?

Lately, I've been using Google Desktop, and find its file search and web history search to be great, however I am disappointed by its email and IM searching.  I use Trillian for all my messanging, and can't find any way to tell it "look here for chat logs".  With emails, I regularly move my emails to subfolder, and then later to a local PST file (so I don't go over my mailbox quota).  Google isn't really good at updating its indexes, so I will search for something in Outlook, then go to open it, and it says it can't find it.  Only way to view the email is to have it search in IE and view the message in IE, but if I click to open it in Outlook, it won't find it.

I used to use LookOut for my email searching within Outlook, which was bought up by Microsoft to put into MSN Toolbar.  I'd tried MSN Toolbar, but was kind of disappointed that its email search wasn't the same as LookOut was.  I believe it also didn't pickup on chat logs for Trillian.

So what are people using nowadays?  I've been thinking of going back to MSN Toolbar, since I don't think I'd used v2.5, but the main thing I'd hope it would be able to handle would be updating indexes.for emails.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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