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Post-Christmas Wrap-up

Kind of late, but thought I'd get in my "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" post.  This holiday season has definitely been a change.  This is the first Christmas since Trish and I got married, so it was the first time doing things like getting our own Christmas tree, spending Christmas Day together, and so on.  Previously, we'd always spent Christmas Day with our own families and stick to our own traditions.  Now, everything is shifting as we now form our own set of traditions.

In terms of what old Saint Nick brought this year, I made out pretty well, especially in the wardrobe department.  I think my wife rallied the troops as she had been dropping hints for a long time that I needed new pants, t-shirts, and such.  As a geek, fashion isn't really my top priority.  As long as something still fits, no stains, and no gaping (or noteable) holes, what's wrong with it?  Well, leave it up to the holidays to replenish your clothing needs.

One piece of clothing my wife was excited about was this "I Love My Geek" t-shirt I got for her.  She'd been dying to get a shirt like that for a while, and leave it up to to have it.

In terms of toys and gagets, I went out yesterday and bought myself a Canon Digital Rebel XT.  I'd been wanting the camera for quite a while, and decided to take the plung and get it.  So far, I absolutely love it!  Has vastly more options that my previous camera, so still learning how to use all of the features.  Read through the entire manual last night, and still playing around with it to get the hang of it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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