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A new year, a new start...

Figured I would get in my obligatory "happy new year" post.  What is there to look forward to in 2006?  Well for starters, we are only about a month away from the release is Community Server v2.0, and we will also be releasing Telligent Mail Gateway, the mailing list and blog by email addon for Community Server v2.0.

In terms of what to look forward to from myself, I plan on continuing to stay more active with my blog, being active with photography, and possibly have a few side coding projects coming (one in the works, as hinted at in a previous post).

<img src="" border=0 />Speaking of photography, on New Years Eve day, it finally stopped raining (for a while), and the wife and I went out for a little walk over by this little reservoir by our place and snapped this picture.  Finally starting to be able to take some good pictures.  On this one, used a fairly high aperature so the background is blurred while the main subject is in focus.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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