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Lately at Telligent, we’ve all been heads down working on hammering out fixes for the final remaining high priority issues in order to get us towards the RC stage for Community Server v2.0.  It brings back memories of when we were hammering out fixes for the v1.0 release.  We had some external people doing some heavy testing, and they would report tons of issues (some relevant, some not).  We’d be working on items all day, and put a good dent in the count, only to wake up the next day and find like 7 new issues reported.  We were stuck in the teens for the longest time and people were constantly updating their MSN personal messages to the current count.

Ahh, the early days…

Now, things are somewhat more streamlined.  Most the major issues have been in the system and we aren’t getting a whole lot of new additions each day (which is good).  You still get that anxious feeling when you log into the issue tracker, fire of the query for Open | v2.0 | High | Urgent, then scroll down to see the number of records returned.

I kind of miss the v1.0 days.  We would release a beta and I would be pinned to my chair all day logging a flood issues that came in, checking in fixes left and right.  Release days would certainly keep you busy.  Now, CS is a pretty stable platform, and there isn’t really a flood of issues anymore.  Mail Gateway sometimes gets a quick surge of issues from our testers, but it is starting to head down that home stretch for RTM as well.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

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