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Earlier today, I was chatting with a fellow Telligenter, Jim Martin, and somehow it came up about programming embedded systems.  Anyway, he’d given me an idea for a project (as if I need another project), and I dig out and was going through some of my old PICmicro circuit stuff.

PIC16F84 Prototype board Warp13 Programmer

Back in about 2000, I’d gotten into designing circuit boards and some embedded systems programming.  My main goal was to design a device for some basic ethernet to RS232 serial communication.  It was for my dad’s company to use to transmit text from their workstations to these terminals they had out in the shop.  I never quite finished it (hey, was only 19), but I had circuit fully designed, just didn’t have the software completely done and school was picking back up.  Plus, my prototype ethernet circuit board kept breaking since my soldering skills weren’t the best (that Crystal LAN chip was a pita to solder and ensure no contacts were swapped).

Final prototype circuit Prototype ethernet controller

Don’t think I am going to be getting into this little idea Jim gave me, since I think it was a bit over my head.  Plus, all my hardware and PIC C compiler are all out of date.  Maybe someday though.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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