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You may have noticed now that there have been a few changes to my site lately.  For one, I dropped my old layout and a number of the pages that it had.  I did this primarily because I’d like to stay more up-to-date with my CS builds, but it becomes difficult to do a new build and then integrate it into my site.  Additionally, the code for the old layout was pretty horrid.  I never dared to run it through any validators.

So now, I am using one of the support CS skins, which I’ve made a few subtle modifications to (only 1 skin file and some CSS overrides), which is cake for me to maintain.  Going to make a few more adjustments, since I’m not sure if I like some things like the header yet.  Additionally, I am working on adapting the PoisonIvy skin for the blogs for the Galleries.  It is mostly done, but still needs a little refining.

I’ve also moved my blog to the root.  It was kind of pointless having a separate landing page, since it was so out-dated and there are only really two parts of the site that had regular content… my blog and my gallery.  So now, that is all it is.  Anything else will probably be entered as an article or something, so CS maintains it.  I setup a redirector from /blog/, so any old blog links should still work just fine.  Still need to add a few static pages back someplace, such as the SiteUrls generator for CS v1.1.

At any rate, just trying to have a simpler site that I can easily keep up-to-date with the latest builds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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