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Followup on MCAD

In response to my previous post about recommendations for MCAD programs, I've decided to hold off until the .NET 2.0 courses are out.  I'd talked to some places that offer courses, and they weren't very certain when they were coming out or how the upgrade courses would be (3 days, one week, etc).  So, in the interest of saving time and money, I will wait until the 2.0 courses are out.

Also, I will probably just do the study-at-home programs.  I will likely do the "cram" ones, since even some of those are still 600 pages.  While I know it is better to know the framework than to know how to take the test, I don't need to know everything for the tests, nor would I actually retain all of it.

I appreciate the comments that I could pass it cake, and I probably could, but I don't want to assume I would and go in unprepared.  Sure, I probably have the experience, but I don't always retain all the knowledge I get.  All the time, I have to look things up again.  In my opinion, the key to a good developer is not knowing everything off the top of their head, but to know how to quickly find things and apply them to their situation.  The framework documentation and Google are my best friends.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't have those on the tests, so I'd need to brush up on the types of things the tests would ask about.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

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