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Cool CSModules and photos of Sac State

Last week, my wife had to take some paperwork up to school, so while she was taking care of that, I decided to stroll around with my camera and take some pictures.

[photo:1242] [photo:1232] [photo:1229]

There are plenty of other pictures to check out.

Also should mention the above images are using another module I made for Community Server using the Lightbox scripts.  It uses a simple CSModule that changes any occurrance of [photo:1234] into showing a thumbnail of the image (1234 being its PostID), with a link to show a larger one in the Lightbox view, and it also has the picture's subject as the caption and a link to view it in the gallery.  I won't be posting it until after Community Server v2.0 beta3 is out, since it is now dependant upon it, and we also had a little CSModule competition over the weekend that I entered it in.

Monday, January 23, 2006

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