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Qgyen.ExtendedUrlMapping v1.0.60131

I was going to wait to post this in the morning, but since I had it all packaged and ready to go, I figured why not do it now.

I found the issue that was concerning me about my URL mapping module for Community Server.  As it turns out, it was an issue in Community Server and not with the module.  The problem was with the URL rewriting under just the right circumstances.  It has been fixed and will be a part of the next release.

So as for my module, it is now ready for release!  I made a few improvements to how it will handle blogs/galleries in the root, so that it won’t always attempt to rewrite URLs twice (since everything is a candidate for checking when you have a root one configured) and to avoid coming back with a false response.  In short, to try and make it quicker and more fool proof.

So without further ado:

To install and configure the module, please follow the instructions included in the readme.txt in the ZIP file.  A brief synopsis of the instructions is mentioned in one of my previous posts, but when installing, follow the readme as it is more specific.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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