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My instructional video debute...

Today I made my instructional video debut.  Telligent has been getting infected by Camtasia fever.  First it was Scott, then it was Rob, then Jim, and now me.

Camtasia really is quite useful though… and I think making short instructional videos for things like installing add-ons will be many times more useful than simply writing out instructions.  Written instructions are still necessary, but all too often, people lose track of what they need to do, or can’t find something on screen or in a config file.  Having a video to simply show visually what they need to do is far more effective than telling them “go here, click this, enter that”.  Jim has been using it on to show users how to use the FTP Server to upload to their gallery and how to include images in their posts.  Makes it much easier to follow.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

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