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New Layout!

So I got my new layout up and I think I got most of the kinks worked out earlier.  Still need to clean up the markup some, since while I was skinning I went back and made some CSS changes that I hadn't accounted for, and deviated from the nice clean markup I originally had on my proof.  But, I wanted to update the build on my site, and figured I'd push out the layout then too.

I think I am going to be needing to re-organize my photos section, since I got a ton of pictures on there that don't really need to be.  I used to think "ohh, post all your photos, share you life!"  But that is just boring.  There'd be a lot of bad shots, and just simply no relevance.  So think I am going to trim it down, keep it more like a portfolio, with then maybe a random section for stuff I post to my blog.  I did add the Files section, since I plan on making more code available.  I've been sitting on a couple CS mods I'd written and haven't released.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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