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Top Gear back on tonight?

I was quite disappointed when the UK show Top Gear disappeared from Discovery Channel a few months ago. It was a weekly favorite for me to watch while eating lunch.

Last week, I noticed that once again, Top Gear is on Discovery Channel (2 shows tonight, 1 show tomorrow night), though is this the new US version I've heard about?

Quite honestly, I don't think I would like a US version of the show. Just look at the shot of the hosts... they look like your typical all-American boys. The problem? Their favorites will probably be American muscle cars, like the Mustang, Camero, Firebird, and Corvette. Sorry, but I don't really care for those cars. I liked the UK show because they showed a lot of very nice foreign cars and the tastes were far more refined.

Have it set to record it tonight... will probably watch it during lunch tomorrow, but if it is the new US version, I'm going to be skeptical.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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