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Dallas Update

Hanging around in Dallas, going out to the CS Launch Party tonight.  It is mainly just everyone at Telligent going out to dinner, talking about coding, and making fun of (expletive deleted) and (expletive deleted).

It has been quite interesting though.  Planning for CS v3.0 and already have a ton of things we want to do.

Been snapping a couple of pictures, but unfortunately taking shots in RAW and don't have anything to convert them here.  Ohh well.  Maybe switch to JPEG for a bit.

One problem is that Dan has gotten me all interested tablet PCs.  I have some books on tablets at home, but haven't done much with them.  Now, I may actually look into getting one.  Especially since I am feeling the shortcomings of my current laptop... I can't run Outlook, 4 IE windows, SQL Server 2005, and 3 Visual Studio sessions?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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