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One of the caveats of working from home is that it can be pretty boring.  Typically, the only person I will see and socialize with is my wife.  And while I love my wife, it is nice to get out and be among other people as well.

After getting back from my trip to Dallas, I’d decided that I need to start getting out more often.  So now, I am going to start getting up and going to Starbucks for a few hours, or go with my wife to Sacramento State to work in the Student Union (which is basically a busier coffee shop) or in the library (always a nice place to quietly work with network connectivity).  One of the limitations from working at home is that you can feel kind of trapped if you are in the same place all day and all night, but one of the great advantages of working from home is that you can work from virtually anywhere… but it is only useful if you take advantage of it.

So, I am working on getting out more often, to get out, see more people, and have a change of scenery to keep things interesting.  This morning was my first time taking advantage of it.  Got up this morning at 6am (another new thing for me, more on that in a second), got ready, did a few things, then packed up the laptop and headed up to Starbucks.  Equipped with a venti mocha and a bagel, I’ve been getting a few minor coding things done here and there, and mostly working on writing specifications for some new things coming in Mail Gateway v3.0.

In regards the other thing, I’m working on adjusting my hours.  While in Dallas and seeing how things are around the office and chatting with the other guys, I realized my habits have been changing since being married.  Previously, I used be a die hard night owl.  I’d get up around 8 to 9 in the morning (kind of late, yes), work a few hours, have a late lunch, take a break for a few hours (mainly because the afternoon heat/sun rendered my office useless), then get back to working a night until 2 to 3am.  I was single, so I could do that no problem.  Now, my habits have been changing since at night, I want to stop working and spend time with my wife.  With relaxing more at night, comes getting tired and heading to bed earlier.  So, I’ve been finding that my most productive time is early in the morning.

Now, I am working on getting up and ready right away at 6am.  The idea would be to get working by 7am, hammer out 5-6 hours til lunch, then take a break for lunch and what not, work a little more, and then be able to call it a day before the wife gets home.  I used to hate getting up early, but now, I find getting up early and all ready makes you feel more productive and it goes a lot further than simply rolling out of bed and getting on the computer.  Additionally, it is more productive than working at night now and battling the heavy eyes that are telling you to go to bed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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