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Money 2006, changing banks, and linkfest

To follow up on my post in January about chosing Money or Quicken, I did end up chosing Money.  On top of that, I've also changed banks just so I could use online bill pay directly through quicken.  Previously, I was with Washington Mutual, and didn't have any problems with them, but they have no direct support for Money (only the WebConnect stuff through MSN).  I then opened an account with Bank of America, since in looking around, they support downloading and bill pay through Money... but as it turns out, they support it everywhere except three states, one of which is California.  So I went back and closed that account, and changed to Wells Fargo.  So far, I am really digging paying my bills through Money.  It is so easy, right there in the software (where I already am when manually paying bills), no need to remember to get stamps, or forgetting to drop them in the mail.  Paying bills manually is not a major problem that I needed to make easier, but rather, it was something I don't particularly look forward to and is not a memorable part of my day, so making it simple so I can just get it done is nice.

Also, yesterday Omar Shahine posted about his complaints with Money.  Sadly, seems so many people seem to cite Money as the "lesser of two evils".  Even worse, it is totally true.  In many respects, both Quicken and Money suck... the key is Money sucks less.  It seems it would be so easy for either one to capture the market if they actually made a good product instead of a less sucky product.  As a developer, I'd be hurt if the reason everybody used my software was because it sucked less.  I want people to use my software because it is the better of the two.

I think Microsoft should follow Rick Segal's advice and have Seth Godin's video and book be mandatory viewing/reading for all teams.  If Money was made to be something consumers wanted to use/talk about, it would be far better.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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