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The laptop dilemma... 14" or 15"?

After doing some shopping around, I reached the conclusion that a tablet just isn't for me.  Tablets are not made by everyone, they are typically a step behind in the technology, and they all seem to be a tablet first, laptop second.  Core Duo laptops are the hot thing now, everyone is coming out with them, yet so far, the only thing publicized is the Toshiba M400, which has not launched too well.

Additionally, I want something that is primarily a laptop.  I will mostly use it as a laptop.  So my highest criteria is SXGA+ or larger, and screen size.  The best you get with SXGA+ on most is a 12.1" screen.  The only exception is the 14.1" Toshiba M4, and it is not Core Duo and there is speculation it will be discontinued soon.

After checking out some laptops in the stores with 12.1" screens, it just felt too small.  I need something with enough screen real estate to seriously use it (and most importantly, enjoy using it) for development.  Since the typical tablet offering is not what fits my needs, I'm giving up the idea of a tablet.  At least for now... perhaps I'll get an Origami/Ultra Mobile PC (we'll see what the deal is on those with tomorrow's news).

So I will end up getting a Dell, since that fits in with our common systems the support people we typically deal with.  However, right now, Dell only has 15" and 17" Core Duo laptops.  17" is too big.  So, should I jump on the Inspiron 6400/e1505 or wait for them to come out with the 14" 640m/e1405?  I like the specs on the 15" model, especially now since a built in bluetooth module is available (at first, it wasn't).  It has a nice 1680x1050 resolution, very nice all around.  My only problem with it is the weight.  At 6.18lbs with the 6-cell battery (I'd probably get the larger), it is a tad on the heavy side for me.

I am torn as to whether the negative of the added weight is made up for by the larger screen/resolution.  I will mostly use it on the desk/table as opposed to in my lap (especially if I do get an Origami).  I no longer carry my laptop with my every place I go, all day, like when I was in college, so the weight isn't as important.

What do you guys think?  The cost in mobility too high?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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