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Vongo not going to replace Netflix

A couple of days ago, I decided to give Vongo a try. They are the service that lets you download and view your movies, instead of having to wait for them in the mail with services like Netflix.

Pretty much right after I signed up with Vongo, I was ready to cancel, but I paid $9.99, so I figured I'd have to download and watch a couple of movies just so I get my money's worth.

Here are a couple of issues I have with Vongo:

  • Horrible selection. It is not very big, and mostly older or unheard of movies.
  • Movies show an expiration date, probably when they are licensed to show it until. I'd prefer to know I could get movies anytime, not only until 11/06 or something.
  • Movies are formatted as if they'd be shown on TV. A little Starz logo pops in the corner from time to time. You do get widescreen (if available).
  • No Dolby Digital or any kind of surround sound. Again, as if it was on the TV on a plain old cable channel.
  • Interface pretty much sucks.

I signed up with Vongo thinking I'd get a nice Netflix replacement where I could just download any of the movies I want, when I want them. Sorry, not there yet. I like the idea, but Vongo just misses the mark. For me to ever reconsider, I'd at least need a much wider selection and the ability to get digital surround sound out of it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

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