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Community Server hosting with FTP, NNTP, and Mail Gateway?

Anybody interested in hosted Community Server which gives them access to using the NNTP Server, FTP Server, or Mail Gateway add-ons?

I have this pretty nice server that gets practically no use. I don't want to get rid of it, since it is a nice server, and a good deal on the colocation, so trying to come up with something to utilize the server more and to maybe pay for my colocation costs in the process, or to pay for server upgrades.

So would people be interested in like 1gb storage, like 25gb monthly transfer, CS with access to the files (so can host your whole site), and able to use NNTP, FTP, or Mail Gateway for like $15-20/mo? None of these are set in stone or anything, do more storage or something. I wouldn't want to do like major, tons of people hosting. Mainly just get the thing being utilized.

Anyone reading this think they'd be interested?

Friday, March 24, 2006

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