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Rotate 90 degrees

Every day in the summer, my office has been cursed by the fact that my window faces directly west and I cannot bear to be at my computer from about 3:30pm to around 6pm because the sun is shining directly into my eyes. All I could do if I wanted to get stuff done was to take my laptop into the living room.

Yesterday I finally had enough and decided to rotate my office 90 degrees. Today was kind of overcast and rainy, so didn't get to see how the sun is, but I can tell that it is a lot better since now the sun is off my side instead of right in front of me. Still need to hook up the printer though, since I need to dig up a different extension cord and longer ethernet cable.

Before: [photo:1162] After: [photo:1540]

Also rotated my LCDs and I'm now using them in portrait mode. So far, I like it. Visual Studio is very nice being longer, IE/Firefox is nice, Money is nice, and getting used to Outlook. Main issue is parts of the screen seem to flicker or stutter. I've noticed the screen refreshes horizontally (when it is in normal mode), so moving windows arround quickly looks worse in portrait mode.

Friday, March 24, 2006

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