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AirDr - A complete waste

Last week, I was out at Staples picking up some things and one of the things I needed was a fresh air canister, since my computer was filling up with dust and I needed to clean it out (need a house so I can get an air compressor!).

While I was there, I ran across one of these babies and decided to pick it up instead of the traditional air canisters.

Boy, what a waste.

A typical problem with the air canisters is as you use them, they get cold, and if used a lot at once, they will start putting out less air volume. So, you'll typically pick up a second one and start using that. The first one isn't gone, just too cold and the nozzle is slow. These things, with their little CO2 cartridges, still fall victim. The problem? To switch to another one, you have to sacrafice the rest of the current one. Also, it is the same nozzle, which will be on the verge of freezing over.

For me, the kit came with 2 cartridges, and it took both in order to de-dust my desktop... and it was pushing it a little.

But on top of that, the volume of air sucks! The air canisters blow way harder and are far more effective.

Sorry AirDr, but you suck.

Monday, April 03, 2006

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