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ReSharper 2.0 beta!

Got an email from JetBrains this evening informing me that they've released an official beta of ReSharper 2.0. I've been using their alpha releases of 2.0 for a while now in both Visual Studio 2003 and 2005. There have been some bugs, but notice them get processively better with each build. 2.0 is definitely a nice upgade from v1.5. One of th things I like most is it refreshes its cache of all of the files in the background instead of while the project is loading, slowing down the load time.

If you haven't yet discovered ReSharper, I definitely give it a huge recommendation. The email mentioned that when v2.0 comes out, the price will be raised from $149 to $199, however if you buy it now, the upgrade is free. If you already own it, then the upgrade is free as well (yippee!).

They aren't paying me to promote it or anything, but ReSharper is probably the single tool that has etched its way so deeply into my development that I cannot live without it. I do not know how I used Visual Studio before it. I rebuild my PC a few weeks ago and had launched Visual Studio before installing ReSharper and it felt so foreign. Its keyboard shortcuts are just so natural to me now.

Anyway, if you haven't at least tried it, check it out. Excellent tool, and many uses far beyond its keyboard shortcuts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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