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Summer is on its way

I remember back when I was a kid, summer was like the Holy Grail... the main thing you looked forward to anytime after Christmas. Three months to do absolutely nothing. No school, playing outside, swimming pools, the works. Too bad it isn't quite the same anymore. Now I see summer as three things: 100+ degrees, high electric bills, and delightful allergies.

Yes, last night it dawned on me that summer is now well on its way. I am constantly running my air conditioning all day and night during the summer. I like it cool, and since I work from home, I need to fell comfortable where I work. Additionally, the combination of computers and afternoon sun makes my office noticeably warmer than the rest of the place in the afternoon. Ohh, and don't forget being on the third floor, which is a nightmare.

Often times, I like to open the windows at night when there is breeze so I don't have the run the AC. I have to be very cautious with this though, especially if I want to leave the window open over night. I have allergies pretty much year round, and while none of them are really extreme enough to send me to the hospital or anything, I do have a very wide range that can lead to waking up with a mind splitting sinus headache that won't go away.

So yesterday was pretty much our first warm day, reaching the high 80s and very slowly trailing off at night. Finally, around 9 at night, I notice the A/C click on and I'm thinking well surely by now it is cool enough to open the windows. So I go over to the little weather station alarm clock my sister got me for our wedding, and what does it show? 76 inside, 74 outside. Oy! Forget that. 2 degrees difference? A 74 degree breeze doesn't feel much better than a 76 degree room (76 is pretty cool, though I'd say with it there, the office is around 78-79, which is tolerable).

So then when I went to bed around 11:30, I figured I might crack the window open to keep it cool. Again, go and look at the temperature, and it was only down to around 71 degrees. Since I'd been hit with a fun allergy morning a few days ago, figured the allergy risk / cool breeze benefit ratio was too high to risk it.

In the end, I am left with a continuingly degrading situation ahead of me. Allergies will get worse, my electric bill will double, and we will eventually get 100+ degree weather, when there is no chance in hell I'd open the windows.

Friday, April 28, 2006

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