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Quick survey about web hosts

I have a quick little survey for people. When you are choosing a web host, what are your deciding factors? What criteria either makes or breaks the deal?

Rank the following from 1-5 in their order of importance to you, 1 being most important and 5 being least important:

  1. Plan Features - Are the features of the hosting plans the most important to you? Does it matter whether you get 500mb of disk space or 2 GB? Whether you get 1 database or 5? Or if those databases can only be 100mb of 1 GB?
  2. Support - Is support the most important thing to you? Do you prefer the fastest turn around on your issues? Does 24/7 support matter? Or 24/7 phone support? What about live chat?
  3. Services - Not to be confused with Plan Features, this mostly deals with added tools that are available. Things like ASP.NET v1.1/v2.0, PHP, Perl, MySQL and MS SQL, web statistics, webmail. Do you look for a variety of these, or just specific ones. IE, you only need ASP.NET and don't care about PHP, Perl, or MySQL availability.
  4. Equipment/Network - Do you try to look at the equipment the host is using? Try to evaulate if they oversell at all, own their equipment versus reselling someone elses. Do they have a quality managed router or a hardware firewall, or are they just using Internet Connection Sharing with Windows? Do you look at their network? Do they have adequate redundancy? Multiple connections with good carriers? Low ping times?
  5. Price - Are you after the lowest costing solution? Is a $10/mo plan more appealing than a $15 or $20? Or maybe you want

    If you have any other comments about the process of choosing a host, then please chime in!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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