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Someone owes me 15mins of 24

I was so mad last night.

24 is normally on at 9pm on FOX every Monday. At some time yesterday afternoon, my MCE box had updated the program guide and it showed 24 was starting at 9:20pm. I figured it was right, because Eric had commented on the same thing a few hours before, and he was in Texas.

So I was sitting there watching Deal or No Deal to kill the time before 24. I notice my laptop said it was 9:21pm, while the MCE box said it was 9:14pm. I figured better safe than sorry and don't want to miss anything of the 2nd to last episode of the season. So I have it switch channels early.

What do I find?

24 HAD ALREADY BEEN ON! It started at 9pm, like it normally does. Someone at FOX, or the program guide service, or whoever came up with the goof that made it think it started at 9:20pm owes me 15 mins back!

But the damage is done. Will just have to be sure to not let the season finale next week slip by.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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