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Dave Burke is drooling over News Gateway

Lately, Dave Burke has been drooling over the News Gateway feature of Community Server.  It is probably my favorite of the add-ons for CS, since it is so simple and easy to use.  The funny thing is that so many people don't realize how many useful little features are already in CS or available through add-ons.

My own favorite thing about it is that the read status of a post is sync'd back to the website when you are viewing posts over NNTP.  If you download a list of posts, when you view the post and it gets the body, the post will be marked as read on the website.  So when you go back to the website, it will only show you posts you haven't seen.

There are a few limitations though.  If you view a post on the website and then later download it over NNTP, it will still show up as new.  With NNTP, there is no way to say "here is a new post, but you've already read it".  The other limitation is that posts are marked as read when you download the full body of the post, not when they are viewed.  Most of the time, the reader downloads the post only when you go to view it.  But say you are going on a flight and want to download all the latest posts to go over on the flight.  It will mark all of them read when it downloads them, so if you don't look over all of them, when you go to the site, they will still be marked as read (unless there was new post since you downloaded them the last time).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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