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I haven't been very good about blogging regularly lately, and hope to be fixing that soon. My schedule should be clearing up and I'll be able to sqeeze in some time to write up good stuff. My list of things to write about keeps growing.

One thing I had stumbled across over the weekend has been looking pretty good:

It may sound a little odd, but it is kind of like Backpack for to-dos. From what I've seen of Backpack, it is more for lists, while RTM is pretty much just for todo items.

It is really easy to use, very nice interface. A lot of very good use of ajax. Very easy to get to. If you just go to the site and are already logged in, it takes you to your Overview (or Tasks if you have it skip the overview) and you are good to go. Can easily email in items and set the due dates, priority, tags, notes, etc. Nice and simple.

So far, I have different tabs for Coding, Emails, Home, Phone, and Someday. I don't really break things into projects, but will have a little prefix for the project (like CS, NNTP, MG) and will set the tags.

I like it better than using Outlook, since Outlook was often too cluttered as I'd have my Home tasks next to my Coding tasks. Even though I had them grouped and collapsed, still wasn't 100% how I wanted it. But Outlook+ClearContext had the advantage of being really easy to create tasks from emails and such.

One other nice thing is the RTM Mobile Edition, though I couldn't log into it using my phone (page would just refresh). Will have to play around with it some more later.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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