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My hope for Visual Studio 2008

Please, ohh please, pretty please, Microsoft, make Visual Studio 2008 something I can actually bear using.

I absolutely love .NET 2.0... it is great. Stable, excellent functionality, great performance, a pleasure to code in. Visual Studio 2005? At times, an absolute nightmare. It is slow, clunky, tremendous memory hog. All the time, when I shut down at night, I get the "Please wait while shutting down application" for some stray devenv.exe process that didn't get closed out when I exited Visual Studio.

In all honest, a bad IDE can ruin an otherwise great framework. Visual Studio is what is making me think that 2 gigabytes of RAM is not going to be adequate in my next computer. There are many times when I'll have Outlook, Firefox, IE, SQL Management Studio, and a couple instances of Visual Studio open, and it can suck. If Visual Studio was only slimmer, I could handle that load with out a problem.

There have been a number of times where simply having Firefox and a single instance of Visual Studio open on my laptop (which has 1gb of ram) will gradually creep up to 1.2gb of virtual memory used (meaning it is now having to swap a good amount of it onto the hard drive).

I am sure many others out there feel my pain, so please give us humble developers what we want, and give us a sleak, performant IDE that truly compliments the framework.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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