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Switching to Flickr

Yesterday, I decided to start moving my photos to Flickr. Why? One of the main reasons is a combination of two things. With a Pro account (for only $2/mo), I can upload 2gb per month. There is no fixed storage amount, so it constantly grows. With this, it would be a great way to store all the photos that I don't post online as well. Since I can mark them as private, I can easily upload all my other photos I don't want to make public so that they are safely off my system.

I've had it happen before where I accidentially lost photos from deleting them by accident, reformatting, hard drive failure, etc. I don't have full redundant storage at home, and just want simple storage of my photos in a way that is easy to browse them when I want to. Flickr makes that pretty easy. All photos in one place, some public, some private.

One surprising thing, my photos on Flickr look better than they did on my own site. Then again, my site wasn't really designed with a gallery in mind... it is definitely more of a blog site.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

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