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Airlines with laptop power available

I thought this was pretty cool, so I just had to mention it.

On Thursday, I am going to be flying out to Dallas and I'm coming back Saturday afternoon. Any geek's concern when travelling is powering their laptop (or whatever they take with them), but you don't always know if it will be available.

Luckily, I found this Ultimate Guide to In-Seat Laptop Power. It talks about the different kinds of ports, some devices you can get, and also, under their Comparison Charts menu, you can see if it is available and the type of port based on your seating, airline, and the type of plane.

So on my trip, I have a lay-over on the way there, so my first flight has laptop power, but my second one doesn't (and my second one is the longer flight, dangit). On my way back, it is non-stop and I'll have power available.

For anyone who travels frequently, this site should be priceless.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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