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Companies seeking Community Server developers now

One way to know that you are doing something right and people are using your software is when companies start specifically seeking people with experience in your software. Over the past two days, Dave has mentioned places seeking CS developers in the Community Server Daily News.

Personally, I'm ecstatic to see a job posting or a project on RentACoder referring to Community Server. It is a sign that some serious people are using it and willing to pay money for customizations. I know some of the people in the Community Server community make their living as CS contractors. Now, even people outside of Telligent can make their living off CS, and help to add more fuel to the fire by spreading its usage. Its just cool to see something you helped creating forming its own little industry or carving out its niche.

Perhaps soon, people will start to realize that Community Server is not just an application, but could serve as an excellent platform for I site... even one that didn't even really deal with communities. There is a lot of backend to CS that would serve as a great foundation for a lot of different uses. Things like user handling/management, configuration files, caching, URL rewriting, the list goes on and on. Hoping to sometime write up more on this topic, or find some simple way of demonstrating how CS could serve as a platform for rapid deployment of something non-community based.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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