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The Bookmark Bandit

So as I had mentioned before, I was in Dallas for a couple of days. On my flight to Dallas, I think I had a fairly unique thing happen to me.

I had a layover, so I flew from Sacramento onto Salt Lake City, and then down to Dallas. On my second flight, I was on a plane where they two seats together on the left side, and then three on the right side. I was on the left side by the window, with this quiet, kind of short, mid-40s guy next to me. Didn't speak to him the whole time, as I was just reading a book the whole time (no DC outlet on the plane), and he was reading some management looking book.

Towards the tail end of the flight, I'd decided to get up and use the restroom before they started the descent. So I put my bookmark in my book, slipped it into the pocket, and got up to use the restroom. When I came back, I went to grab my book again, and noticed that the bookmark was nowhere to be found. I know I put it in, since I know I never remember the page number, but it wasn't anywhere to be found.

I took everything out of the pocket, and searched through it piece by piece, but it wasn't wedged into anything. I stuffed my hand into the pouch, and felt around everywhere, but came up empty. So I figured I must have dropped it, so I felt around a little on the floor, but didn't find it.

I sat back down and just went back to reading, thinking a little bit about where it might be. Then it dawned on me. Maybe the guy next to me might have stolen it. It would seem quite outlandish to steal a bookmark. I mean, I had my laptop, cell phone, and other things far more expensive than a bookmark in my bag. But then again, a bookmark seems so trivial that one would never assume someone to steal it, or mourn its loss.

And the bookmark was a very nice one. It was metal, quite sturdy, and fairly attractive. I mean, I bought it because I liked it… and I'd probably steal it if I was the stealing type. Plus, it would have been easy for him. It was right there in front of him. One hand movement and it was his. No rummaging or even chance of being caught.

But still, the thought of someone stealing a bookmark… come on, it's worth maybe $3-4.

Once we landed and everyone was standing up, I was able to stick my head down a little bit to look around under the seats, and didn't find anything. I wasn't going to bother acquiring the guy of stealing my bookmark, since I mean, it is just a bookmark, but I was still annoyed that he might have actually stolen it.

It had occurred to me that by a slight chance, it might have fallen straight into my backpack (which was under the seat) and it was hiding in there. But then at the hotel, I emptied out my backpack and went through it and found nothing.

Now, I firmly believe that it was stolen. I was struck by the bookmark bandit.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

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