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As Rob blogged about and Scott, Telligent turned two years old this month, and also, next month is my two year anniversary since starting with Telligent as a contractor.

Earlier, I was looking back through some old emails, and I still have the original email from when Jason forwarded my contract, stuff on my early projects, and I even have the original spec Scott sent out for Community Server v1.0.

Yes, it has been an amazing two years. For me, joining Telligent was quite risky. I'd just left college, just gotten engaged, and her I was working for a startup... even more, with people who at that point, I'd never met face to face. In the time since, Telligent has truly matured and proven itself. Rob, Jason, and the Scotts (Telligent has like 4 Scotts) have done a terrific job.

One question I asked Rob last week was whether he felt Telligent was still a start up or not. It is kind of a difficult question, since what defines startup vs. non-startup (corporate?)? Is it number of employees, revenue, age, products/releases, management style?

In my opinion, Telligent isn't really a startup anymore. Personally, I associate risk with a startup... new, still developing, possibly unstable. Telligent has done very well and is quite stable now. It has a strong foundation of people, good range of clients, and careful growth (it's grown fast, but not as fast as it could have). But in terms of mentality, Telligent is still working to be innovative. We have a lot of goals for Community Server, as Rob mentioned, there are some new products in the works to broaden and branch out, so we aren't playing it safe or allowing ourselves to get real comfortable with where we are. So Telligent is basically in that grey area. And perhaps the grey area is a nice place to be. Stable (so I'll have my job for a while) and yet still working to push the boundaries and try new things.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

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