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Fireworks and new toys

Sometimes it is fun to be the first one on the block with new toys. Spent the night working on an updated CS Lightbox module to use the new Lightbox JS v2.0 method. Additionally, I wrote a module that links with Flickr, similiar to how the Lightbox module links with the Photo Galleries in CS.

To show off some of the functionality of the new Flickr module with Lightbox JS v2.0 support, thought I'd post some of my fireworks photos from Tuesday night.

So how does it work? Simple! Use a [flickr] TextPart. Similiar to how the Galleries one worked, you can intput the photoID of the image (such as 123456789), or to make it easier, you can post the URL to image details page and it will get the ID out of it. Additionally, you can set multiple images to be a set, and override the thumbnail and details picture size on the fly.

When will this be out? When I get some time to tie up some loose ends. Managed to whip this up this evening while watching TV with the wife, but it still needs some work.

As for the fireworks photos, I was a little disappointed by them. Was too windy out, the fireworks were too low, I was too far, and I didn't have a long enough lens. It was my first time photographing fireworks though, so hopefully next year I can do better.

Friday, July 07, 2006

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