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Qgyen.Lightbox v2.0.60712

<p>Last week, I had <a href="">blogged about</a> my updates to the Lightbox module.  Tonight, I finally got the chance to update it to be ready for release, and I also realized that it is compatible with CS v2.0, so I figured I release it now rather than sit on it.</p>      <p><a href="">Released a new version<br /></a></p>      <p>This includes the regular lightbox module for any link, the Gallery specific module, and my new Flickr module.</p>      <p>For more information, please see the readme.txt file included in the download.  Use of the module is the same as it was before, however now you can also assign the images to be in a set using rel=&quot;lightbox[setname]&quot; as opposed to just rel=&quot;lightbox&quot;.  Or for the Gallery module, you can add an additional piece to the call, so it looks like [&amp;nbsp;photo:1234:set=myset].  And with the Flickr module, you can assign a set, change the thumbnail size, and change the larger image size.  For instance, you can use the following:</p>      <blockquote>     <p>[flickr:<br /> :thumbsize=square:detailsize=large:set=test]</p>   </blockquote>    <p><strong>Update regarding FlickrNet:</strong> I forgot to mention something about FlickrNet.  It is not incredibly web friendly (hopefully can email the author and get a few changes made), but you need to override where it looks to store its cache.  In your root web.config, you need to add the following section to the configSections part, or if there is no configSection piece, add it to the top of the web.config, right after the configuration section starts:</p>    <pre>    &lt;configSections&gt;<br />         &lt;section name=&quot;flickrNet&quot; type=&quot;FlickrNet.FlickrConfigurationManager,FlickrNet&quot; /&gt;<br />     &lt;/configSections&gt;<br /> </pre>   <p>And then add this line within the configuration section:</p>    <pre>    &lt;flickrNet cacheLocation=&quot;e:\domains\\temp&quot; /&gt;<br /> </pre>   <p>There are a few other issues.  First, if you are running under medium trust, with the default configuration, you cannot define configuration sections.  Second, if you are in medium trust, the cache location will need to be somewhere within your application&#39;s directories.  Medium trust often doesn&#39;t let you read or write outside of the application.  Third, I am not sure if the cacheLocation can take the a string like &quot;~/temp&quot; or not.  It would be worth a try, but I am not sure if it will work.  So you may need to know the full path.  I&#39;m going to see about making a few tweaks to FlickrNet to make it more web-friendly.</p>

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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