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Back from vacation

Got back from my vacation late Monday night. Had a very good trip, though glad to be back. I love work, so going a week without coding is painful. :)

Though now I must mention that Northwest Airlines sucks. They are horrible. Few quick points:

  • On the way out there, they had a system wide computer crash that was delaying a lot of flights. Ours was delayed 20 mins, my parents were sitting on the plane, delayed for an hour and a half.

  • On the flight, they no longer give peanuts or pretzels. They have a small trail mix pack (small) for $1, or a lame "snack pack" for $3. The amount of what you get is literally a joke. How cheap are they that you can't even get the little package of peanuts?

  • On our way home, our flight was delayed 2 hours (while we were sitting on the plane) due to overbooking and 3 broken seats. Started to taxi out, then had to stop and turn around, they tried to fix the seats, and then had to ask for volunteers to stay overnight. Then had to wait 20 mins for someone to push us back from the gate, and then a long line to take off.

  • While waiting to finally take off, the stewardesses were rude as hell. This one passenger near us had to use the restroom, but this male stewardess came and stopped him, saying if he stands up while taxiing, they'd have to stop and move to the back of the line because they could not continue. The stewardess was incredibly condescending and patronizing the guy. Everyone around us clearly heard it all, and were talking afterwards about how the stewardess was a jerk. He was also gossiping about other passengers later on quite loudly.

Basically, avoid Northwest at any cost, if possible. Most of the time, I fly American Airlines, and I like them far better than Northwest. If JetBlue only flew to Dallas, I'd be glad to use them, as I've heard a number of great things about JetBlue.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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