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The art of asking

Getting caught up on all the blogs, and ran across this little bit from LifeHacker:

So next time you're formulating a question for someone - be it your boss, co-worker, Google, random stranger on the internets, or your Mom - keep these guidelines in mind to maximize your chances at getting the help you need.

These tips are really quite good and fairly basic. Often times when handling support things, the way the question is put plays greatly into how well it is answered. If the person does good research and provides good background, then a clear solution is far easier. If the question is phrased politely and demonstrating good language skills, rather than rudely with a "HELP ME NOW!!!! I NEEDZ A FIXOR!!! CAN ANY1 HELP?!?!?!!!!", then you'll likely get a better response.

Overall, some very good tips for anyone, and I think especially when addressing people in technical fields (as they, and admittedly I, are not the best support personnel).

Geek to Live: The art of asking via Lifehacker

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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