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Qgyen.AllCommentRss for CS v2.1 RC1

Qgyen.AllCommentRss v1.0.60804

Jose had previously mentioned the Community Server Code Contest II on his blog, and after talking to ScottW, he said it was ok for me to post my contest entry.

My contest entry was a secure RSS feed of all of the comments within a certain blog, no matter which post the comment is too. It also provides information like if it is an actual comment or a trackback, the post's name, URL, if it is approved, and then it gives quick links to approve/disapprove, view, or delete the comment.

I've been using the module on my own site for a while now and love it. The point is that I don't use the email notifications in CS regularly (it doesn't go to my telligent box, and I don't like non-work stuff there a whole lot), but I do use my RSS reader throughout the day, so I would easily notice new posts there. I can also quickly view the comments and delete the spam.

Download (Requires on Community Server v2.1 RC1 and newer)

The download includes the source, as well as instructions on how to do a quick xcopy install of it. One you enable Secure Syndication on your site, the "RSS Available" button with a picture of a lock will show up on the Review Comments page in the Control Panel, which is a link to the RSS feed.

Friday, August 04, 2006

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