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Clean Sources Plus

Scott "The Tool Man" Hanselman just posted his 2006 Ultimate Developer/Power Users Tool List.  One of the ones on the list that I have been falling in love with that is incredibly simple is the Clean Sources utility.  Scott's list points to Omar Shahine's original Clean Sources tool, but I've actually been loving Clean Sources Plus by Jeff Atwood.

The main advantage to Jeff Atwood's utility is that you can specify additional regex patterns for files/directories that should be deleted.  So in my case, when I have it clean source, I want it to also removed the ReSharper cache directories and all of the backup directories from the SourceGear Vault client.  So in the program's CleanSourcesPlus.exe.config, I exnteded its "DirectoryDeletionPattern to the following:

<add key="DirectoryDeletionPattern" value="^bin$|^obj$|^Debug$|^Release$|^_ReSharper.|^_sgbak$" />

This will have it delete any directory named _ReSharper.* and any directory named _sgbak.  Excellent utility.  Absolutely love it.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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